About us

What is this place?

Created originally in 2019, aussierantsandraves.com has become universally renowned, mainly because of its unique and inclusive concept of experiences in the country. The website and its apps contain little everyday stories that could happen to everybody. These stories, sent in by users of the site, have the particularity of raw and unfiltered. ARRs are a great way to express yourself, in a more or less free way, but always with the aim of being funny. People come here to be amused, every day. You’ll never be alone with your mishaps again!

How did this all come to be?

It all began of all places on an IRC channel (an instant chat device) which was initially for a few friends to share their daily mishaps. To make things easier, the IRC channel became a microblog in the middle of January 2008. From there many developers around the world came up with various platforms for people to communicate, hence the existence of ARR.

Who is behind ARR?

A dedicated team of people work 24/7 to supply you with ARRs, 365 days a year. We also keep a watchful eye on the comments, to make sure things don’t get out of hand. The technical side of things are taken care of by several developers that we poached from the best schools in around the world.

How does it work?

Our users can take part by submitting their own stories via the “Submit your ARR” link in the menu. Each day, several of these submitted ARRs are published on the front page (to know how, check out the next question). You can then vote, or give your opinion on these stories. To do so, several options are given: “I agree, that’s a ARR” when you agree that the original poster (the “OP”) has indeed had an ARR moment, “Phew, glad it wasn’t me” or “You deserved it” depending on the category of the story in question. 

These votes will allow us to establish various categories