Those fires kind of brought the nation together for a few weeks.

Hope the Tamil family gets a chance to stay in the country. This has been a pretty rough period for them

The #seductive way that your name Feels as it rolls off of my tongue It is both new and foreign to me But familiar like an ancient language My soul innately understands Your caress awoken something in me As my entire being responds to it The building anticipation undeniable Ours is a #lust born of a single touch Like our #bodies recognized each other Desire burns like a fire in your eyes

Thought it was a good start to my day. A man finally was flirting with me in a supermarket checkout lane, even offering to help unload my groceries onto the conveyor. Turns out he was just distracting everyone so his partner in crime could steal $200 from the cash register. I had to give a witness statement to the manager.

Last year, I was arrested for a crime that happened 27 years ago. I'm was only only 20 then. #wrongperson

It’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in before. You’re on a crowded train going home from work, or browsing the supermarket aisle, or juggling the shopping as you wrench open the front door. Suddenly, your phone rings. It’s an unknown caller but you immediately imagine the worst or most urgent message this stranger might have for you. It could be your boss calling to fire you, there could be a family emergency, or your bank could be calling because you missed your credit card payment … again. So you answer the call. “Hello, I’d like to ask whether you’re happy with your current insurance provider,” the mystery caller says.

God! The infamous telemarketer has plagued me with cold calls and scripted questions for long enough, and I’ve done some research to find out exactly how we can keep them at bay and I'm going to give them hell.

I got pulled over for speeding. After the cop asked for my license, he started laughing when he saw my picture.

I'm usually quite understanding and patient. I don't normally complain. In my opinion everything usually turns out quite satisfactory in the end. So please tell me, what's so good about complaining? Also please feel free to complain about my complaint on why we need to complain in here.