good thing kids who recently went to china have been asked to stay away from school. i mentioned this virus a few months ago and i was called all sorts of names.

Events in our lives can often change us in ways we never expect. In my case I certainly felt different as a young boy. I possessed very real, mysterious, unexplainable, emotions that I can describe only as feminine needs , in spite of being athletic and quite normal in appearance. These internal feline longings and desires were intense and drew me to all kinds of feminine things.

I am against whinging or being picky about fast food joints. Its FAST FOOD! Not 5 STAR lol. Or in restaurants about cutlery not being straight or plates not being warm. That too far. I am very empathetic and can usually understand why things don't always go as they should.

You've never met Singaporeans have you. They can complain on everything including the placement of a bin.

Finally I can let this out anonymously, Iast week I was going to have sex for the first time, but when my girlfriend and I got naked, I couldn't get it up. I eventually got hard but it involved me thinking about the time I accidentally saw my girlfriend's brother naked. I think I may be gay, yup!

Women! Yesterday my girlfriend kept texting me while I was at work, insisting for hours that I leave early because she was so horny. After arguing with my boss and then going to her place, not only did she not want sex, she also wanted me to leave and told me she never wanted to see me again.

i believe it has to do with a social shift toward instant gratification and higher/unrealistic expectations due to mass media and advertising.

According to some study Australians the biggest bunch of whingers in the world. And a quick look at some of the threads online confirms this. We do complain about a lot about things like #customerservice.